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There's a story behind every Origami Owl Locket, and the mission behind each locket is to create a force of good; persuade love, and to inspire those who are in need of encouragement and to bring joy to the lives of others. The locket should serve as a reminder of motivation for people, and to help them achieve their dreams and goals. The story of the locket is to be created by the person's self and reflect their self-image. Each individual locket is unique in it's own way, in which it represents the wisdom, strength, and courage in the owner of the locket. 
Oragami owl Jewelry is a great accessory to buy for yourself, or for a loved one who you feel might need a little encouragement or joy in their life. These lockets are great gifts for young girls, mothers, grandmothers, or close friends. It is a symbol of love that can be shared with those who hold a special place in your heart. This gift is a simple gesture towards expressing your gratitude and is also a very trendy, fashionable gift! Buy yours today and in return, receive a                 genuine thank you and appreciation. from the special person in your heart :) 

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